HDPE mono-material tube

By reducing the wall thickness to 220 µm, 250 µm and 300 µm, plastic savings of 14 % to 37 % (compared to a PBL tube 350 µm) are achieved.

Very sustainable tube concept.
Very sustainable tube concept.
Approx. 98% recyclable share.
Approx. 98% recyclable share.



30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm

Filling volume (from to):

20 - 250 ml

Surface Finish:

Photorealistic digital print

Varnish (matt/glossy)

Individualization and personalization available

Suitable for:




“Made by Pirlo” – our advantages at a glance
  • Mono-material tube for maximum recyclability
  • Tested by RecyClass and confirmed as recyclable in the HD-PE bottle stream.
  • Maximum raw material savings
  • Surface finishing with various visual and haptic effects
  • HDPE for a high-quality unique feel
  • Virtually invisible weld seam enables 360° print designs
  • Varnish to protect the design (matt/glossy)
  • 220/11 µm: approx. 98%, 250/15 µm: approx. 97%, 300/15 µm: approx. 97%, recyclable share.


HDPE mono-material tube – the combination of maximum raw material savings and maximum recyclability

A sustainable packaging solution for your high-quality product is a top priority for you? Then our HDPE mono-material tubes made of HDPE are the right choice for you!

The Pirlo LOOP Tube is made of 100% HDPE, from the body of the tube tot he shoulders and the cap, so tat it can be returned in ist entirety tot he material cycle after use. This tube is available in three different material strenghtes: 220µm, 250m and 300µm. The saving in plastic compared to a 350 µm laminate tube is:

Thikness laminate tubeThikness HDPE tubeSavings
350 µm220 µm HD37 %
350 µm250 µm HD29 %
350 µm300 µm HD14 %

These enormous raw material savings contribute significantly to resource conservation and waste avoidance.

Any questions about our tubes? Our packaging experts will be glad to advise you!


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